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ROLEX EXPLORER I 14270 - Arbitro
Watch Review


ROLEX EXPLORER I (Rolex Explorer 1) Ref.14270 is in stock.

Last month, the new Rolex Explorer I was announced in April 2021, but the reference for the latest model is Ref.124270. (Previous model is Ref.214270)


The latest model Ref.124270 has been downsized by 3mm from the previous model Ref.214270 (case diameter 39mm), the case diameter has returned to 36mm, and it is the same size as 14270 and 114270, so it is the same 36mm. 14270 and 114270 are getting a lot of attention again.

Review the Explorer I reference

Ref.6350 (6150/6298) → 6610 →

1016 → 14270 → 114270 → 214270 → 124270 The order is


Manufacturing period is

Ref.1016 (1960-1989) → 14270 (1990-2001) → 114270

(2001 year ~ 2010 year) → 214270 (2010) Year ~ 2021 year) → 124270 (2021 year ~ )

Looking at it in this way, after Ref.14270, model changes have been carried out in a span of about 10 years.

With the latest model returning to 36mm, it seems to be particularly popular in the Japanese market. That means it's difficult to buy at a regular store, so it's safe to say that the 14270 and 114270 of the same size will be spotlighted again.

The Explorer I 14270 purchased this time is the latter half of the 14270 because it was manufactured in 1999.

14270 The big difference from the previous model is that the side hole of the case (lug) has disappeared and the buckle of the breath has become a double lock.

Also, tritium luminous was used until the end of 1990, but this model is a watch after it was changed to Luminova luminous. (The notation at 6 o'clock is SWISS MADE)

What is the difference from the next model Ref.114270 of Ref.14270? I think many people think that.

Please see the article that wrote about the difference.

The oyster bracelet has 13 frames and does not grow much.

Box, guarantee, pass case and tag are included.

For more information, please visit product page .

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