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Article: About store opening

店舗営業についてのお知らせ - Arbitro

About store opening

As a result of a review of our business style and security, we have decided that the appointment system is the best way to ensure that you can view our watches.
If you wish to visit the shop, please make an appointment in advance.
As we open by appointment only and with small members,please understand that your visit to our store is only for final confirmation of the purchase premise.

This is because we post many high-resolution photos and explain the watch in detail so that you can buy it safely online.
If you just would like to see the watch in person, we recommend that you go to another shop.
Please read these terms before making an appointment.
1. We're closed on Tuesday/Wednesday

2. Basically appointment time is 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. If you hope, we make an arrange in the morning.

3. Please make an appointment 2 days before of your coming date.

4. The date of the coming should be within 7 days from the date of the appointment.

5. Generally, we only accept one person per visit. If you come with friend or partner, please let me know.

6. If you hope to purchase as tax-free, please bring your passport with the date of arrival stamp.

7. The item you can see is only 1 example.You don't see multiple items because we don't display any watches and keep them at another place.

8. We don't reserve any items because we sell them on our website as well.When the item was sold before your coming, we'll let you know immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.