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Purchase / trade-in

You can easily apply for an assessment of your watch.

Please see this page first.

STEP 1 "Apply from the form"

First of all, apply for assessment from the form on the HP

  • We will answer the questions according to the questions, so the application will be completed easily.
  • After completing the application, the person in charge will inform you of the assessed amount.

Click here for customers using the purchase service Purchase terms Please be sure to see.

STEP 2 "Preparation of purchased products"

"Formally request a purchase" You can decide whether to make a formal purchase request by looking at the approximate assessed price.

  • If you can apply formally, the assessed amount is listed. Email Apply from.
  • Please enter the necessary information such as your name in the form.
  • Desired date of pickup, desired time zone, Packing kit If you need, you can apply from this form.

About the packing kit

To save you the trouble of packing, Albitro has prepared a packing set.

The Yamato driver will bring the "BOX for precision equipment" of Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin at the time of collection.

Precautions when using the packing set

  • If there is only one purchased item, go to the BOX as it is.
  • If there are several items, please pack each one in bubble wrap in advance. (To prevent the products from colliding with each other and breaking.)

"About identity verification documents"

By attaching (uploading) your ID card to an email, you can save the trouble of including a copy, which is very convenient. It is also possible to bundle a copy of the ID card with the purchased product.

Both "upload" and "copy" require both "front and back" sides.

  • When a pickup request is made from our shop to Yamato at the customer's address (including when using the packing set)

You sent it Identity verification documents When Collation of name / collection address and transfer account We will verify your identity.

* If the address is different from the content on the identity verification document, or if the account name is different, we will confirm by the personal receipt mail.

  • When the product is shipped to our shop by the customer himself

Based on the antique business law, from our shop At the time of receiving the receipt notification of the documents sent by the personal limited receipt mail Identity verification is completed with.

STEP3 "Collecting and final assessment"

About collection and shipping

Customers using packing sets

  • The shipping company will visit you at the designated pickup date and time. (Of course it's free)
  • The driver will prepare and bring the delivery slip. (Prepared with the "shipping address" printed on it)

Customers who send by themselves

  • Please send it without specifying the time.
  • The delivery company is " Yamato Transport Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin or Japan Post Yu-Pack Thank you.
  1. Purchased items (packed tightly so that important items are not damaged)
  2. Copy of identity verification document (not required if already uploaded)
  • If there is a gap, insert cushioning material such as bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • If you are using a packing set, pack the lenses etc. there before shipping.

Purchased items can be sent by cash on delivery, so customer shipping is free.

STEP4 "Notification of assessment results"

  • The person in charge will carefully assess and will inform you of the final assessed amount within 1-2 business days from the arrival of the product.
  • If you agree to the amount, we will move to the transfer procedure to the specified account.

After presenting the final assessed amount, if you wish to cancel the purchase, we will return the item. Please note that the return fee in that case will be borne by the customer.

If you do not contact us within 2 business days after we contact you about the final assessed amount, we will assume that you have agreed to the amount and will process the transfer.

STEP5 "Pay the assessed amount"

  • If you agree to the final assessed amount and the transaction is completed, we will transfer it to the specified account.
  • If you have not confirmed your identity, you will need to confirm your identity before making the transfer.