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Watch repair / overhaul

Our stance is to have our customers use good products for a long time with peace of mind, but in order to achieve that, the presence of a skilled repair craftsman is indispensable.

How well the work is done depends largely on the craftsman's thoughts, but the repair craftsmen requested by Albitro are craftsmen who do not cut corners in such areas.

By interviewing and communicating with the craftsmen who are actually asking for repairs, I have become able to ask for work with greater trust.

Repair craftsman's work VOL.1 “AIRY'S”

Work of repair craftsman VOL.2 "Matsuno Clock Shop"

In addition to the listed craftsmen, we cooperate with specialists in specific fields so that we can propose repairs that match your watch.

We will do our best to accommodate watches that have been refused by the manufacturer due to lack of parts, or old watches that are difficult to obtain.

About overhaul

What is Overhaul? It is the work of disassembling mechanical products into parts, cleaning them, and reassembling them to bring them closer to the performance of new products.

Roughly speaking as an overhaul procedure,
1. Divide into case and movement
2. Disassemble the movement
3. Checking the wear condition of each part and pre-cleaning
4. Cleaning with a dedicated machine
5. Lubrication / assembly
6. Waterproof inspection (waterproof function is guaranteed)
7. It is done in the flow of adjustment and running test.

Some movements are made up of hundreds of parts, but it's a very delicate task of disassembling them into single units, inspecting and cleaning them all, and then reassembling them.

If not overhauled, the oil will deteriorate like a car, increasing the risk of wear and tear of parts, resulting in inaccuracies and, in severe cases, immobility.

It is very expensive to replace a part after it is found to be damaged or broken, so we recommend overhauling it once every 2-3 years for economical and long-term use.

You can see more detailed contents including photos from here.

What is an overhaul?

Overhaul costs

Overhauls are available from ¥ 25,000 for both mechanical and quartz types.

Please consider the mechanical chronograph to start at ¥ 35,000.

Parts may need to be replaced depending on the condition. We will estimate the total amount including the parts replacement fee after the receipt.

We will contact you with an estimate of the repair cost within 1 to 2 weeks after we receive it. (Depending on the watch, it may take 2 to 4 weeks)

The parts used for parts replacement are basically genuine manufacturers.

About new finish (polishing / polishing)

Scratches and dirt that become noticeable when you use your watch normally.

I think everyone has the experience that even if you do it with leather for removing scratches that you polish yourself, it will not disappear easily.

If the surface is extremely shallow, you may be able to remove it yourself, but if it is scratched or dented a little, it is better to polish it by a craftsman, and the quality and satisfaction will be different.

There are many watches sold by Albitro that have been given a new finish, but you can see that they have a sharp edge because they are shot in very high definition.

Also, some cases and bracelets have a mixture of multiple finishes, such as mirror finishes and hairline finishes, but not many craftsmen can clearly distinguish them and finish them at a high level.

In addition, the "thinness of the case" is also a part that is greatly influenced by the skill of the craftsman. A watch that is thin and has a thin lug will be far from the original design, and the appearance will be unbalanced.

It is a very precise work that eliminates scratches and dents while reducing the thinness of the case to the utmost, and brings it closer to the original finish.

You can see more detailed contents including photos from here.

About new finish (polishing / polishing)

New finishing costs

Polishing of cases and bracelets is available from ¥ 22,000.

The case is disassembled, and the mirror surface is polished and hairlined by buffing including scratch removal.

We also accept requests for polishing work only.

Precautions for new finish

Work will be done after disassembling the exterior parts such as the windshield. In that case, if parts need to be replaced due to deterioration, a minimum parts cost may be required separately.

It may not be possible to completely remove large and deep scratches and dents.

Complexly processed parts and plated parts are not polished.

If you have any questions, please contact us before requesting.

About delivery date

Overhaul is about 1 to 1.5 months for manual winding with 2 or 3 hands, self-winding watch, and about 2 months for chronograph.

Please understand that it will take some time as we will make adjustments to pass our standards.

If you request polishing work at the same time, it may take a little longer, but basically, please consider the above delivery date.

If it takes time to order the parts, the delivery time may be extended. (In that case, we will contact you in advance)

Warranty period

After repairing your watch, you will basically get a "1 year" warranty.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs due to a natural failure, the technical fee will be free.

If parts need to be replaced, the parts price may be charged separately.

Handling brands


We also accept repairs for watches from brands not listed above. Please feel free to contact us.

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